Dance to the Beet

Come on…that’s funny!

Beets get a bad rap. You either love them or hate them! I’ve never met anyone who said, “yeah, they’re ok”. It’s either, “oh my goodness, I love beets!” or “ew, gross, they taste like dirt”. And, the later statement could actually be true.

I believe beets are so underappreciated because we grew up with the canned beet experience. But raw, fresh out of the garden beets are actually quite sweet. They have high sugar content and when cooked just right, have a very sweet finish.

Let’s take a look at some of the healthy benefits of beets that go along with all the potassium, iron, phosphorous, calcium and trace minerals they offer.

  1. Cancer Fighting Potential – I won’t go into all the scientific research that’s been done (but I highly suggest you do some research on your own) but because of the powerful phytonutrients that give beets their dark red color, they may be helpful in warding off cancer. You’ll find numerous medical and scientific research that supports this claim.
  2. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease – Betaine and folate found in beets, together act to help lower homocysteine levels which can otherwise increase the risk of heart disease by causing arterial damage and inflammation.
  3. Boosts Vision Health – beets contain a wide variety of phytochemicals that can be helpful in improving eye health and nerve tissue. Beta carotene content of beets is also very potent in preventing age related eye problems.
  4. Enhances Endurance and Stamina – beets have carbohydrates that provide fuel for energy. Also, the nitrates in beets turn into nitric oxide which can help regulate the amount of oxygen used in low intensity exercise while improving tolerance to high intensity workouts. I wonder if this works in the bedroom. It’s worth a shot…
  5. Improved Digestion – Beets are packed with dietary fiber that is important for digestive health.
  6. Natural Treatment for Anemia – Beet root juice is considered a natural therapy for treating anemia. It has exceptional cleansing properties with a high iron content that has the potential to restore red blood cells while supplying oxygen and increasing blood count. Who knew?!?


There are many more benefits but I don’t want to bore you with all the medical and scientific data…BUT, I will offer a few tips to help you cook with them so they don’t taste like dirt. 😉

When cooking with beets, try not to overcook them, the longer their under the heat, the more nutrients you lose. I’ve found that when cooking with beets, if you make sure the entire beet has been peeled, the ‘dirt’ taste disappears, I promise. And, if you peel them and toss them with coconut oil before you bake them – they come out crazy delicious! You get the sweetness of the beet along with the sweetness of the oil – YUM!

And check out this recipe – I think you’re gonna love it! Beet Chips Recipe!

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