Sisterhood Pledge

This morning I woke in a very odd mood, feeling a bit off, a bit not like myself. I started my regular routine but just didn’t feel ‘right’. Have you ever had one of those mornings?

And then, I fell upon this. You know, somehow God, the Universe, The Creator, Source Energy, whatever you call your higher power, has a way of showing us exactly what we need to see and at the perfect time. I read this and cried. I read this and it hit me right in my heart. This, this is how I will strive daily, to live my life. This is the world I want to live in. Is this a self-help / spiritual / crunchy granola hippie way of thinking? No, it’s a way of life. It’s having the courage and self-love to hold the highest respect for everyone…everyone! When we support each other, we can and will change the world.


I pledge to the women of the world…

To cultivate sacred sisterhood, honoring both myself, you, and all women.

I will take a stand for our rights, safety, well-being, and equality.

I will stand by your side if ever you are bullied or shamed, treated without kindness and respect.

I will honor, nourish, and cherish the feminine in both of us, celebrating the natural rhythms of our bodies and nature, the wisdom of our intuition, the guidance of our feelings, and the creative magic of our vision.

I will support you in remembering your truth, seeing your gifts, beauty, and wisdom – connecting to your purpose and dreams.

I will value you and support you in valuing yourself through claiming your worth, wisdom, right compensation, self-care boundaries, and needs.

I will honor that you have different ways of living than me, different beliefs, preferences, values and needs. I will be open to learn from our differences without making either of us wrong or bad.

I will honor and respect the wisdom and value of all phases of age, body shape, health, and abilities.

I will courageously speak up if I see relationship patterns or behaviors that harm your physical, mental, or emotional well-being while also honoring your timing, journey and choices.

I will be open to receive your feedback on my relationship patterns and habits, be humble that I may be resistant to seeing the truth, and will check in with my inner guidance before taking any actions to change.

I will cherish your secrets and personal shares in sacred confidentiality.

I will not spread gossip, rumors or perpetuate drama, say bad things about you to others, nor bad things about others to you. I will use my words as a sacred creative tool to connect, inspire, collaborate, and illuminate.

I will give you authentic compliments, lift you up, support you as you grow, hug you when you want it, take care of you when you are not well, embrace your tears, and encourage your aliveness.

I will be gentle and respectful when I share my reflections with you about things that don’t feel good to me or meet my needs, boundaries, or desires. I will do my best to not disconnect, punish, blame, or push you away.

When you are sharing your challenges with me I will seek to be fully present, to listen, to ask questions, and to confirm with you how you would like to be supported. I will tune in with myself to ensure I am available to offer you the support you desire, and will not judge myself if I am not.

When I feel really strong emotions or triggers, I will release the energy through dance, movement, song, art, writing or another form, reflecting on and distilling the truth of what wants to be shared before I speak. I will communicate with an intention for understanding, connection, clarity, and harmony.

I will try to be courageous when I’m afraid to be vulnerable, I will breathe open my heart when I want to hide or shut down, I will trust my intuition to guide me how to share in a safe way.

I will reach out to you when I need it, accept if you are not available, and remember that I am not alone.

If I feel judgmental or triggered, I will let it reveal to me what wants to be healed in myself, opening to gratitude for the gift of insight and this opportunity to grow.

If I am harsh or unkind, I will take responsibility for it, and take the time to cultivate healing within so I may show up with my authentic care.

I give us both permission to be messy, to be in process, in transition, to stumble as we grow, to be wild, passionate, unleashed, and full of life.

I will seek to be pure in my intentions, transforming any manipulative tendencies or hidden agendas into deep self-trust and cultivating a connection with my soul’s desire for you to thrive.

I will not use your successes to make me feel small or create distance between us, I will celebrate them and open to being inspired. I will do my best to support you in living your dreams.

I will ensure that I am taking care of myself so I can show up for myself, you, humanity and this gorgeous planet.

I will do my best to be on your team.

I will cultivate generosity, sharing, and collaboration so we can support each other’s missions knowing it is creating a better world for all.

I will recognize the importance of sisterhood and create time in my life to nourish our connection.

I want to live in a world touched by your radiant presence, unique gifts, and soul’s purpose.

I am your sister. I see you, I thank you, I care about you.



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