Are You Illuminating?

I had to return an adapter to the Apple store today. Let me start by saying, I’m not a fan of the Apple stores – at all. While I can appreciate walking in and having multiple people greet me, if you don’t have an appointment (and most times, I do not), be prepared to sit and wait and wait and wait and wait (Zzzzzzzzzzz) until someone will even speak with you. It’s frustrating as heck and in the past, after waiting for over an hour, I’ve walked out without talking to anyone. Grumble, grumble.

Today, and yes, without an appointment, I walked into Apple with the hopes that I would be able to return the Euro phone adapter I had purchased for our vacation, and get out of dodge as quickly as humanly possible. As I walked in the door, and in usual fashion, I was greeting with “Welcome to Apple, what can I help you with today?” I told the woman I had a return and she replied, “I can help you with that right here.” Whoa…wait…is this some sort of a trick? I’m not being reprimanded for not going on line and making an appointment? I handed her the package along with a print out of my Visa charge, I did not have the receipt. She kindly took my information, found my contact info and receipt in her system and within a matter of minutes, the transaction was completed.  I looked her in the eye and said, “that was fantastic! I’m out of here with ease and grace. Ease handled by Apple and their efficient process and grace offered by you” and I smiled at her. She took my hand, which surprised me, and thanked me for saying that. And with a warm smile and soft voice said I made her day.

How easy was that?!? Not the Apple transaction necessarily 😉 but making someone’s day with just a genuine smile, eye to eye contact and a kind word. I have to tell you, it made my day too.

Which got me to thinking…Do I leave people feeling good about themselves? Do I offer a kind word? A genuine smile? Or maybe eye to eye contact? From now on, I will. I refuse to let other’s foul moods effect me negatively. My sons have always said I view the world as ‘Rainbows and Butterflies’ and they’re right. It can be a warm, welcoming world, if we just choose to illuminate ourselves and others.


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