The dreaded ‘body image’ topic

Do you like having your photo taken? Your response to this simple question can reveal a lot about your body image.

I’ve watched as some people get in front of their phone/camera, whip out the selfie stick and go into immediate ‘selfie pose’ while others jump behind someone else before snapping the picture.


Here’s a way to get a bit more comfortable with yourself and curb the mean girl voice in your head that constantly tells you “you’re not smart enough, you’re not pretty enough, blah, blah, blah”.

Using your phone, laptop, or digital camera snap a series of self-portraits. Try to capture yourself in different settings that represent your view of yourself. If you love to work out, you might choose to take a selfie at the gym. If you want to capture that you’re a parent, take your photo at the playground or even the grocery store. The goal here is to find where you’re most comfortable.

When you’re finished, consider your comfort level during this exercise.

  • Did you change into a particular outfit or put on makeup?
  • Did you crop a part of your body from the shot? – don’t judge yourself here, we’ve all done it!
  • Were you tempted to position the camera at a certain angle to capture your “best shot”? If so, why?

Let yourself explore the relationship you have with your body image from a nonjudgmental place. The goal of this exercise is to simply notice the ways in which you project positivity and negativity on your body – not to beat yourself up for your perceived imperfections.

This exercise isn’t meant to catapult you into super “I’m completely happy and content with my body image” frame of mind; rather, it starts the conversation. I did this exercise last week and was really surprised at how I view myself and how I love to hide some of my perceived flaws. Something to work on.

Let me know how it goes.

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