Too busy to snack healthy? Think again

Having raised 3 boys and been in sales and on the road most of my career, I know how difficult it can be to snack healthy. I used to stop at those ‘smoothie’ places thinking I was doing the right thing. Beware! A lot of those more established Smoothie franchises are loaded with unwanted sugar and not the least bit healthy.

Today, while shopping Trader Joe’s I grabbed the usual prepackaged Trek Mixes for $5.99 a bag. Each individual serving comes prepackaged which is a breeze for someone crazy busy. And for $5.99, each individual snack bag is $.60 so very reasonable.

Then I grabbed a bag of Cashew Macadamia Delight which isn’t prepackaged and thought…why don’t I just package it myself!

This bag costs $6.49. If I were to leave this in my pantry as is, I’d be grabbing handfuls everyday and consuming way above the recommended serving size which is 1/4C. Or, I’d throw it in my car and eat it on the run, not thinking about how much I was jamming down my throat. So…I opened the bag, measured out individual servings of 1/4C and put them in snack bags.

The bag said I should get approx 13 servings but I only got 12. But, think about it, it took me 2 minutes to bag them myself and each filled snack bag only costs $.54.

Then I grabbed a bag of my husband’s favorite – Dry Roasted Almonds.

This bag costs $5.99 and each individual serving is again, 1/4C. The bag says you should get approx 15 servings which I did. Each individual serving only costs $.39! Whoa!!

They’re all chock full of protein, starting with 3g of protein for the Cashew Macadamia Delight to 7g of protein for the Dry Roasted Almonds. And, if you’re watching your carb intake like I am (staying under 50g a day) stick with the almonds at 5g pet serving. Cashew Macadamia Delight has 12g per serving, Omega Trek Mix has 14g and Simply Almonds, Cashews and Chocolate has 16g – but this one is ideal when you have a craving for chocolate but don’t want to eat an entire bar of it!

These are the perfect snack to throw in your purse, your office desk drawer or your briefcase and feel good about your snacking choices!

If this healthy tip was helpful, share this and tell your friends what you think about it. If I can help just one crazy busy executive or Mom eat healthier and cut the guilt, I’m successful! 😊

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