Pure Body Cleanse Days 5, 6 & 7

Odd story, I recorded a short video for you to watch instead of reading the blog but for some strange reason, the video wouldn’t load.

Oh well! So this is Day 8 of my 10 Day Pure Body Cleanse and I must say, this is by far the most gentle cleanse I’ve ever done! You have 2 meal replacement shakes every day, very protein rich and delicious. I just add water but you can add a nut milk or juice with it. And then eat one clean, healthy, veggie rich meal a day. They also give you options on snacking but I’ve not been hungry at all. The protein-rich shakes fill me up quite nicely.

Yesterday, one of my sons found himself a bachelor. His wife and kids went to visit her grandparents so my husband and I took him out for dinner. I had no worries at all about finding something that would fit into this cleanse. I ordered a salmon salad – which was to die for, thank you Burger Social in Wheaton, IL. I just asked for the dressing to be put on the side. You just never know if or how much sugar is hidden in restaurant dressings.

Because of this cleanse I am sleeping like a rock, I’ve lost 2 pounds and I feel like I have more energy.

I will also tell you I cheated today. I had gone to Target to get all the toys and candy for Easter baskets this Sunday. I am not much of a sugar eater AT ALL. I don’t know why I did it but, I grabbed about 6 jelly beans and popped them in my mouth. The after effects are horrible!! I have a headache and you can feel the adrenaline rush all throughout my body…what was I thinking?!?

This cleanse is a Tony Robbins 10 Day Pure Body Cleanse and with it, he offers 12 Steps to Master Health that I’ve been following as well. Read more about that here.

My hope is that now that you’ve been with me on this journey, you realize not all detoxes and cleanses are alike. On Day 10, I’ll share the link to buy this cleanse if you’re interested.

And, as always, if you find this blog beneficial to your health & well-being, share it with friends and family so we can all embrace a healthier life and play full-out!

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