Why I decided to join Beautycounter

Three years ago, I collapsed in my home, on the floor from complete exhaustion. No longer could I deny that I was abusing my body and needed to learn healthier ways of taking care of myself.

I enrolled in the largest nutrition and holistic wellness school in the country and began my journey back to health.

I learned all about toxic overload we get from the environment, from the air we breathe, to the foods we eat to the skincare we put on our bodies.

Discovering Beautycounter

I learned about  Beautycounter from attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting where I was a member. I was not looking for another gig – my plate was full with going to school, studying, as well as running my own business. I didn’t need any more on my already full plate…or so I thought.

At the Chamber meeting a Beautycounter consultant approached me and started to ask if I knew what was in my skincare products. I had to be completely honest with her and say, “I have no idea”. She told me Beautycounter may or may not be for me but encouraged me to go home, look through the skincare and beauty products I’m already using and read some of the ingredients to see if they’re ‘healthy’ or ‘safe’. What I found was shocking.

The Catalyst

On the back label of my beloved foundation, the same foundation that I had used for over 8 years because I loved it so, was a warning. It read/or still reads today…WARNING, If ingested, please call poison control immediately. (private message me if you want to know the brand) WTH?!? I put this foundation on daily. I made sure it was as close to my eyes as possible for the best coverage ever. I even put this foundation on my lips, daily, because I found that doing so helped my lipstick last throughout the day…WTH!!!!!

The very next day I started doing research on Beautycounter and what I found was intriguing.

Beautycounter’s Social Mission

The company’s mission and message are admirable. Beautycounter is trying to change an industry by creating and distributing safer products, educating the public about the need for safer products, and urging the government to pass laws to better regulate the beauty industry. They’re also a B Corp which is a major win to me! In short, B Corps are companies that use business as a force for good. To be certified as a B Corporation, a brand must meet high standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It’s a pretty exclusive club—there are currently over 2,000 certified B Corps worldwide (with this number growing every day), including leading companies such as Seventh Generation, Apolis, Patagonia, and Eileen Fisher. And, this year, 2018, Not only was Beautycounter recently re-certified as a B Corporation, but we received a score of 95—our highest rating ever, and a 14-point jump from two years ago.

Today, in the U.S., it is completely legal for companies to use toxic chemicals in the products we put on our bodies every day – even if the ingredients are linked to cancer or other health issues like hormone interrupters. Beautycounter has a “Never List” of 1,500 ingredients they will never use. They are constantly reviewing data and innovating their products, packaging and the way they conduct business.

Becoming a Beautycounter Consultant

Even with all the things I had going on in my life – I decided to become a consultant. I made the decision that based on everything I just learned, I couldn’t un-learn it. I had to tell everyone.

I love talking to people about Beautycounter just like every woman loves telling her friends where she found her fabulous shoes. It’s very exciting to hear people positively react to the products when I give them samples and the bonus for me is I like knowing I’m helping someone take a step to being healthier.

Please reach out to me at wellawarebylinda@gmail.com if you’re interested in trying samples of Beautycounter, or learning more about the business. Part of our healthy journey is using products that are better for you. And when you work for Beautycounter, and use these amazing products that are not only safer but are high performing, you also get to make money just by talking to people! You can’t do that with your shoe find.


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