When we know better, we do better, right? Yet, while skin cancer affects one in five Americans, the majority of people in the U.S. fail to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. The simple act of wearing protective SPF can prevent skin cancer and premature aging. However, as most Hawaiians [...]

Beautycounter’s Social & Environmental Efforts

We Earned Our Highest B Corp Score Ever To be certified as a B Corporation, a brand must meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We are pleased to participate in this growing community of more than 2,000 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and over [...]

Wow! This has become one of my favs!!

I’m always on the hunt for new, nutritional powerhouse salads and this one certainly fits that description! Its from Eating Clean by Amie Valpone and I think you’re going to love it! And…get her recipe book Eating Clean it’s filled with easy, nutritious meals and snacks. Last night my husband and [...]

Spring Reading…two of my favorite things

  This blog was originally posted on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Blog - but I thought it was/is worth sharing! Spring is always a great time for rebirth, reinvention, and discovery. This spring, we’re looking at the best ways to improve our health and happiness with new books from [...]

Why I decided to join Beautycounter

Three years ago, I collapsed in my home, on the floor from complete exhaustion. No longer could I deny that I was abusing my body and needed to learn healthier ways of taking care of myself. I enrolled in the largest nutrition and holistic wellness school in the country and [...]

Salmon Sushi Bowls for 4

This recipe is so simple to make - you know me, the simpler, the better! And, it's Paleo friendly! The recipe calls for a few things you may not have in your pantry but I've given you links to buy. ;-) INGREDIENTS ¼ C mayonnaise 1 ½ T sriracha sauce [...]

Pure Body Cleanse Days 5, 6 & 7

Odd story, I recorded a short video for you to watch instead of reading the blog but for some strange reason, the video wouldn't load. Oh well! So this is Day 8 of my 10 Day Pure Body Cleanse and I must say, this is by far the most gentle [...]

Pure Body Cleanse Day 3 & 4

I’ve embarked on a Spring Pure Body Cleanse and have taken you, my beautiful readers along with me. The reason I’ve decided to report, day by day, it to show you that not all cleanses/detoxes are the same. This Pure Body Cleanse, to date, is one of the simplest detoxes [...]

Pure Body Cleanse Day 2

Every Spring, since the beginning of mankind, people have turned to cleanses to rid their body of the toxins that have built up over time. Early philosophers and sages used fasting or cleansing for health and enlightenment. Many religious and spiritual groups fast every spring around the Spring Equinox. Christianity, [...]

Pure Body Cleanse Day 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started my 10 Day Pure Body Cleanse and taking you, my lovely readers with me on this journey. When I take on a new client, I always recommend some type of Cleanse or Detox. Detoxification can be very beneficial in rebooting our [...]

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