Maca Root Side Effects, a follow-up from Stress S*cks

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Last week in my post titled Stress S*cks – I talked about the benefits of maca and gave you a drink recipe. Many of you asked for more information around Maca so I’ve done some research that I hope you feel is beneficial in making your own nutritional choices. Maca [...]

My 1st attempt with Nori

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My journey at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, studying for my Health Coach Certification continues and I am loving it. We’re learning so much about all the different types of diets available out there. IIN really encourages experimentation to find out what your individual body's likes and needs are as well [...]

What diet is truly right for you?

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I’ve learned so much this week about diets and dietary theories! There are thousands upon millions of diet books out in the marketplace today; The Fast Metabolism Diet, The Lose Your Belly Diet, Dash Diet, The Case Against Sugar Diet, Super Shred Diet, Body Reset Diet, The Negative Calorie Diet, [...]